activitiesIn this section, we provide many resources pertaining to activities outside the classroom. You can view our list of clubs and organizations. Athletics information such as sports schedules can be found on the Athletics Page.

We aim to provide all the information you will need to participate in extracurricular activities or sports!



Activities Director: Sara Novak
Band – Assistant Director: Jens Oliva
Band – Director: John McIntyre
Band – Flag Corps Director: John McIntyre
Band – Jazz: John McIntyre
Band – Percussion Drum Coordinator: Jared Allen
Best Buddies: Christine Brink
Chess Club: Kathy Summerlot
Choral Director: Jens Oliva
Comic Book Club: Jason Keen
D.E.C.A. Sponsor: Melanie Wood
Ebony Society: Kimberly Keen
ESOL Coordinator: Jan Lemus
F.B.L.A (Business of Professional of America): Melanie Wood
F.B.A (Future Builders of America): Vincent Oliveri
F.C.A (Fellowship of Christian Athletes): Melanie Wood
F.C.C (Future Chefs): Lisa Kittrell
F.E.A (Future Educators of America): Kim Keen
Yearbook Coordinator: Shanna Graifer
Gay Straight Alliance: Jason Keen
Habitat for Humanity: Kathy Summerlot
Hispanic Society: Jan Lemus
Interact Club: Tom DeCeglie
Key Club: Kathy Summerlot
Leo Club: Jim Murphy
Literary Magazine: Khadijah Jones
Matanzas Experimental Tech (MET) Club: Christopher Braucher
Matanzas Movie Production Club: Thomas Decigilie
Matanzas E-Sports: Andrew Bennett
Model United Nations Club: Gwen Hoza
Mu Alpha Theta: Lee Winfree, Alison Winfree, Amanda Cypert
National Honor Society: Jan Lemus
Forensic Student Investigators Club: Gloria Barton
Prom Coordinator: Robert Roe
Recycling Club: Clarise Spagnuolo
Science Olympiad (Robotics): Chris Braucher
SGA (Student Government Association): Robert Roe, Brandie Alred
Thespian Club Sponsor: Noel Bethea
Freshman Class Sponsor: Sara Novak
Sophomore Class Sponsor: Carla Spencer
Junior Class Sponsor: Shanna Graifer, Nancy Snell
Senior Class Sponsor: Robert Roe, Brandi Alred