Cambridge AICE Diploma Program

AICE Program
AICE is a worldwide program with over 10,000 participating schools in over 160 countries. It is an advanced studies program affiliated with Cambridge International Examinations in the United Kingdom. The rigorous curriculum is writing-based with a strong emphasis on critical thinking, interpretation and analysis.
  • Explore areas of strength
  • Take college-level courses
  • Flexible schedules create well-rounded students
  • Community involved Rigor of courses prepare students for college success
  • Higher weighted GPA (6.0)
  • Earn college credit in high school
  • Life outside of academics
  • Potential to graduate with AA
Learn more about the Cambridge AICE Diploma on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.

AICE Presentation for Prospective Students

AICE Course Progression

AICE Test Day Procedures for Candidates

College Recognition 

AICE Administration

Jeff Reaves
Assistant Principal: Amanda Kraverotis
Counselor: Yasmin Cuevas

President: Emelia Kern
Vice President: Kiley Cox
Secretary: Alyssa Sa
Treasurer: Tate Winecoff
Historian: Ethan Drost and (open)
Events Chair: Katie Telfer and Andie Tice