An Open Letter to Parents About Social Media and Digital Citizenship

Friday, March 1, 2019 - 10:37am

The Flagler Schools Facebook Post reads as follows:

An Open Letter to Parents About Social Media and Digital Citizenship
Our children have a vast array of digital devices, from computers to smartphones. Yet we are always reminded that with these devices, comes a new set of challenges. It is vital that our parents are active partners in keeping children safe while online.
As adults, we all strive to teach our students about the importance of “Digital Citizenship.” We know all too well the lure of hiding behind a computer keyboard and screen and what kinds of trouble to which that can lead. We are also sure you are aware of the dangers that may be lurking on the internet. While we take steps on our campuses to limit and restrict access to those areas, we cannot control what students do when they are at home, and no longer on our devices and networks.
You are probably aware of the reports of online “challenges” making their way around social media. While many of these reports are unfounded, they still have adults on edge and concerned about just what is being exposed to their children.
To that end, we encourage parents to have intentional conversations with their children about what they encounter online. The following are some resources we have found to be helpful in helping our young learners navigate the internet, as well as tools for families.