Matanzas Flagship Programs

Matanzas High School Flagship Programs

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VyStar Finance Flagship Program (vystarfinanceacademy.pdf)

Marine Science Biotechnology Flagship Program (marinesciencebiotechnology.pdf)

Plant Biotechnology Flagship Program (plantbiotechnology.pdf)

Culinary Arts Flagship Program (culinaryarts.pdf)


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VyStar Finance Flagship Program

Our Program is a small learning community that  provides specialized instruction and an opportunity for special courses and scholarships. It is a place  where students work closely  in teams  developing lasting bonds. The career focused curriculum meets college entrance requirements and offers internship during  senior year for every Flagship student.

  • Accounting Applictions
  • Financial Operations
  • Finance Cooperative Education
  • Personal and Financial Planning

Marine Science Biotechnology Flagship Program

  • Marine Science I Honors
    • Students taking Marine Science 1 will be introduced to the Ocean and will gain understanding of why the ocean and the human race are interdependent upon each other. We will survey the known life that our oceans contain, learn about how the ocean changes over time, learn about its geologic features, learn how it actually regulates Earth’s climate, and much much more.


  • Marine Science II Honors
    • Students taking Marine Science 2 can expect to study the bigger, more overall picture when it comes to our Oceans. Primarily, lessons will focus on ecology and include the interactions of multiple living and various non-living factors of ecosystems such as coral reefs and estuaries. Activities include visiting Princess Place to conduct year-long studies of the marine environment, classroom hard and soft coral aquaculture program, building / operating advanced ROV’s purchased from Marine Advanced Technical Education, and maybe even a trip to the Ponce Inlet Marine Science Center.


  • Advanced Placement Environmental Science

Plant Biotechnology Flagship Program

Students enrolled in the Agriculture Biotechnology Program complete training using current biotechnology techniques used in the biotechnology field related to animal and plant sciences.  The program focuses on technical applications with a focus on standard operating procedures used in food production, medicine and environmental applications.  Students will earn Industry Certifications as a technician at the completion of all three levels. Plant biotechnologies using tissue culture, aquaponics and hydroponics integrate the application of these skills and gives students the opportunity to practice and apply the skills used in industry.

  • AgriScience Foundations
  • Biotechnology II
  • Biotechnology III
  • Plant Biotechnology

Culinary Arts Flagship Program

Matanzas High School is a member of Florida ProStart National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. This curriculum was designed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to teach, test, and award industry-recognized certificates to students meeting high academic standards in hospitality education. The ProStart program was developed to increase the quality and employability of today’s high school graduates by providing them with training related to important job skills as well as opportunities for careers and higher education.

The ProStart program introduces high school students to careers in foodservice and teaches the basic skills and knowledge they need for success in the industry.  This is accomplished through on-the-job training and experience, coupled with a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: This two-year program provides instruction in 25 subject areas, ranging from basic food preparation, accounting and cost control, to sanitation and workplace safety.  The classroom comes alive with job-relevant lessons, and the workplace provides hands-on learning and training. The ProStart curriculum meets the State of Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Academy requirements.

Courses in Program:

  • Culinary Arts I
  • Culinary Arts II
  • Culinary Arts III
  • Culinary Arts IV

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