Coaches Information

 Internal Accounts Purchase Order - To be used when purchasing items for your team.
Injury Reporting Procedures - Procedures used by coaches incase of athletic injury
Use of Facility Request  - Coaches must fill out and turn in before using the facility for any 
Table of Contents for Athletics/Activities Manual - Gives outline of what is with-in the Athletics/Activities Manual
Request for Permission to Attend Coaches Clinic - Must be filled out and completed before attending a Coaches Clinic
Athletic Training Room Policies and Procedures - List of rules and procedures of the Athletic Training Room
Sports Medicine Lightning Safety Policy - Proper procedures to practice when lighting is present.
Lightning and Thunder Policy - Proper procedures to practice when lighting is present.
Matanzas Van/Car Usage - Must be filled out prior to the use a of school van.
Coaches Athletic Injury Report - Template of an athletic injury that must be filled out and given to ATC.
Athletics/Activities Guidelines - List of guidelines created for the student/athlete of Matanzas High School
Acknowledgement Form - Form saying the student/athlete has read the Code of Conduct 

Athletic Code of Conduct - Matanzas High School Code of Conduct for Student-Athletes.