Athletic Director Message


Welcome to the Pirate Nation! The rewards of athletic participation are immediate and enduring for Matanzas High School student-athletes. At MHS, we offer a wide variety of extracurricular athletic activities and our coaches and staff are committed to developing a well-rounded student athlete. While students are involved in our programs, we will assist them in learning valuable lessons through sports to grow not only in the game, but in life. We strive to be part of a team comprised of family members, educators, and community partners to assist our young people in achieving their goals while growing into healthy, happy, and productive young adults. We work hard, play hard, and have fun while coming together to reach our full potential as a team and compete!

You, as a Matanzas student-athlete, should demonstrate pride in yourself as a student, an athlete and a member of the community at large.  As a member of the MHS athletic programs you will represent yourself and your family, your teammates and coaches, but most of all, you will also be considered an ambassador of Matanzas High School.  Striving to be a leader and conducting yourself in a manner to ensure success while attending Matanzas High School should be your primary goals.

We thank the parents of Matanzas High School for their unparalleled belief in our programs; the impact is immeasurable.

Vision Statement

Matanzas High School Athletics will strive to be the number one academic and athletics program through the strong emphasis of core values and the opportunity to experience athletic pursuits at the highest level.


The ultimate purpose of the Matanzas Athletics Department is to develop students to their fullest potential through athletics.

Core Values


Academic Excellence

Social Responsibility

Student Athlete Welfare

Community Engagement

Competitive Excellence