About Us

Mascot: Pirate 

School Colors: Royal Blue, Silver & Black


Important Downloads:

2016 - 2017 Bell Scheudle                                  2016 - 2017 Lunch Scheule

School Map - 1st Floor & 2nd Floor                    Parking Permit Information

School Calendar                                                 FCSD Student Code of Conduct

Out of Zone School Choice Form                       Transfer Between Districts Application 

Employee School Choice Form


To Excuse an Absence:

All absences must be submitted in writing.  Matanzas High School does not have a phone line to excuse absences. Parents can excuse 5 absences per semester for a total of 10 parent notes per year. Doctor notes or court notes are unlimited.  Turn your notes into the attendance office within two days upon your return to school.  Once a student has accrued over 15 absences it will require a doctor note or court note to excuse any further absences for the school year. Please see the attendance office for further assistance.


Student Sign-Out Procedures:

Parents with a photo ID should report to the attendance office in order to sign a student out. We do not accept phone calls from parents to sign students out of school. If students drive to school and need to sign out during the day, they need to bring a note from the parent to the attendance office before school starts with a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached.  Only after a parent is contacted, will the student be allowed to sign themselves out of school.  If the attendance office cannot contact the parent, the student may not sign out.