District Re-accredited By National Organization

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 10:25am

Flagler Schools Superintendent James Tager is proud to announce Flagler Schools received a five-year re-accreditation from AdvancEd. “This is a great way to have outside educational professionals come to our district and take a good, hard look at what we’re doing. It is a rigorous process and validates what we’re doing as well as gives us steps to improve.”

Earlier this month, a team from AdvancEd interviewed more than 200 people to include, school administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents, and local business leaders. While a detailed report won’t be released for another month-and-a-half, the team gave the district an exit report, which highlights their findings.

AdvancEd’s process looks at three specific areas: Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity. Our strengths were listed as “a positive culture throughout the district, a strong dedication and commitment to improving student achievement, and a careful consideration for obtaining and providing human, financial, material, and technological resources.”

Additionally, the re-accreditation team marked three areas of best practices. Flagler Schools was given strong marks for “a strong support system as a result of the concentrated and deliberate ways in which they have reached out and involved parents, the business community and governmental agencies in the education of their students.” We were also credited for having “strong leaders whose commitment to the achievement of all learners have continued to lead the schools and system in becoming a ‘premier learning organization.’” Finally, the team remarked “(the) Flagler County School District has demonstrated strong practical application and allocation of personnel, materials, and fiscal resources through a collaborative effort of all divisions within their resource team.”

Finally, as part of the re-accreditation process, Flagler Schools was given an area called Themes for Improvement: “Communicate, train, and monitor a high expectation, standards based and aligned curriculum to ensure that it is fully implemented for all students in all classrooms.”

Adds Superintendent Tager, “I commend everyone who worked with the AdvancEd team but I I would like to specifically thank Diane Dyer, our Executive Director of Teaching and Learning for her leadership as well as her team’s hard work in putting together our re-accreditation plan. She had people across the district who put in countless hours to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible.”