MHS Guidance/School Counseling Department

Office hours:  7:15 - 2:45 pm


2013 - 2014 School Profile for Guidance


Tammy Sawyer - School Head Counselor, Last Names L - Q

Carue Davis - School Counselor, Last Names A - E

Pat Perri-Trimmer - School Counselor, Last Names F - K and Princess Place

Diane Beeman - School Counselor,  Last Names R - Z




Vicki Apperson - MIS
Kathy Monahan- ESE Staff Specialist
Kathy Ryan - Registrar
Kathy Summerlot - Guidance Secretary, Room 6-227
Veronica Polchinski - Guidance Secretary, Room 5-214


Contact Guidance at 386-447-1575, ext. 5118 or 6109

School Code: CEEB#102007

2014 Senior Scholarship Application

Must be filled out (typed) and returned by January 16th to be eligible for local scholarships.

My Four Year Plan

This form is for 9th graders to help plan out their high school career.

National Scholarship Opportunities

Please click on the above link to be taken to the 2012-2013 National Scholarship Guide

Guidance Resources Web Address

Florida Online Student Advising

ACT Test Registration
SAT Test Registration
SAT Prep Program**
March 2 Success (Practice ACT/SAT/PERT Tests)
Career Interest Survey
Division of Colleges & Universities
FCAT Explorer
NextStepU - College Planning Resources and Scholarship Listings
Financial Aid
Student Financial Assistance
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
Florida Department of Education
Florida Virtual School

U.S. Department of Defense (Military Branches)                                    
The Federal Government Official Jobs Site
The Official Portal of the State of Florida
Information about Online College Programs (i.e., University of Phoneix)

**This is a free SAT Prep program that offers 100 math, reading and writing study guides, 5000 SAT vocabulary flash cards, and SAT practice tests.







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